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Hi! I’m Bridget


I am so glad you are here. I want to start by sharing some of my story. I was the mom, from the outside looking in, that looked like I had it all. My life was amazing.  I had a great job, a wonderful marriage, and 4 beautiful healthy kids, and yet, I was miserable.


I was constantly battling my own overthinking or overworrying. I was never able to just be. I couldn't enjoy my life because I was not able to be fully present to it. For years my only coping tool was wine. 


While I didn't quite hit rock bottom, I was headed there. I knew something had to change. 


I choose sobriety in 2019, and it was the catalyst to me discovering a whole new way of living. While drinking led to a lot of problems, it was not my biggest problem. My biggest problem was my thinking and the way I saw the world. I was triggered easily and blamed everyone and everything around me for why I was constantly angry and riddled with anxiety. 


Learning to master my thoughts and manage my emotions led me down a path that I am forever grateful for.


I am not longer just surviving my life, but I am truly thriving. I have found my lifelong purpose of serving other moms, my marriage has been transformed, and I get to actually enjoy my 4 beautiful kids and this amazing life I get to live!


It really is possible to create a life you love, but it first starts with slowing down and discovering who you are at your core. Once you do that, you have to learn to start loving that girl!


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Let's see if we are a good fit to work together, and even if we are not, I will leave you with some powerful insight to start making changes today. 



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Let's Thrive together


Being a mom can be chaotic, but you can still feel calm and incontrol no matter what is going on around you!


I am launching an ongoing group mentorship experience for moms. Thriving M.O.M is every moms one stop shop for mentorship. 


Launching in spring 2022

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Life is meant to be shared and it is meant to be enjoyed!. So let's connect and get back to doing the things that you actually enjoy doing.