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Hi! I’m Bridget


I am so glad you are here. I want to start by sharing some of my story. I was the mom, from the outside looking in, that looked like I had it all. My life was amazing.  I had a great job, a wonderful marriage, and 4 beautiful healthy kids. I was both a stay-at-home mom during the week and a full-time nurse on the weekends. It looked like I was managing it all, but I was miserable inside. 


I was not taking time to care for my body, mind, and soul. Instead, I was constantly overthinking and over worrying. I was walking around anxious and overwhelmed. I couldn't enjoy my life because I was not able to be fully present to it. For years my only coping tool was wine. 


While I didn't quite hit rock bottom, I was headed there. I knew something had to change. 


In 2019 I chose to explore what life was like sober, and it became the catalyst to me discovering a whole new way of living. While drinking led to a lot of problems, it was not my biggest problem. My biggest problem was my thinking and the way I saw the world. I was triggered easily and blamed everyone and everything around me for why I was constantly overwhelmed and riddled with anxiety. 


Learning to master my thoughts and manage my emotions led me down a path that I am forever grateful for.


I am not longer just surviving my life, but I am truly thriving. I have found a deep passion for this work and serving other busy moms. My marriage has been transformed, and I get to actually enjoy my 4 beautiful kids and this amazing life I get to live!


It really is possible to create a life you love, but it first starts with feeling safe to slow down and prioritize your needs so you can create a life you love! 


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Your relationships are your greatest teacher on where your opportunity for growth is. 

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You will walk away from coaching feeling more empowered to ask for what you need and create the connections your heart desires. 



After you apply, if we are a good fit, I will reach out to schedule our first discovery call. 

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Let Go of Overwhelm


Being a mom can be chaotic, but you can still feel calm and in control no matter how busy your life is!

Inside this self-paced course, you will learn exactly why you are feeling overwhelmed, and how to shift it quickly. 


What you will get:

  1. FIVE videos to help you shift your mindset and release overwhelm through your body!
  2. An understanding of the FOUR main reasons we feel overwhelm.
  3. THREE powerful somatic tools to try next time you feel overwhelmed. 
  4. ONE powerful exercise to help you determine what gets your attention and what doesn't...which will instantly reduce the amount of overwhelm you feel!  
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Life is meant to be shared and it is meant to be enjoyed!. So let's connect and get back to creating a life you love with those you love most!